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Tali and JonoTali and JonoWe are tali & jono shelley, a brother-sister duo committed to enhancing natural bush regeneration, using ecologically sensitive technique and ethical perspective.

We can assist you in restoring your place to greater biodiversity, beauty and resilience.

For more than half their life-times Jono and Tali have been actively working with the earth.  Growing up in wild places of PNG and the bush of greater Brisbane, they have always found a deep source of inspiration in their connection with nature. This naturally led them to work in landscaping, gardening, tree work, tree farming, organic farming, permaculture, conservation, socio-environmental activism and of course, bush regeneration.  

Basing themselves on Brisbane's Northside, Tali and Jono have worked for nearly two decades as bush regenerators.  In both a voluntary and paid capacity, they have established, maintained and enhanced sites from the dunes of Bribie to Bayside wetlands, through the myriad of riparian ecosystems of Brisbane, deep in Southside schlerophyll, extensively in the Samford Valley, and further afield in the Brisbane Valley, Southern Downs and New South Wales.  

Since inception in 2015, bushtekniq has facilitated workshops, presentations, school programs and planting events across the community, in schools and at festivals.  Adopting the slow-growth business model keeps bushtekniq sustainable and contemporary.  bushtekniq listens and responds to community need, allowing fresh ideas and direction to develop, much like a tree grows fresh shoots and flowers in tune with its seasonal surroundings. Meanwhile, bushtekniq's roots deeply embed in earthly ethic and epic community-based experience.  
Jono's role as a 'bushteknishn' has been inspired by living sustainably in the community and on the planet. His diversity in skills include rope work, concert rigging, events and entertainment. Jono brings joy as a performing musician, playing bass, guitar, drums and percussion with influences from jazz to electronic to the sounds of nature. He celebrates the flow of energy, as music teacher, collaborator in diverse musical projects and martial arts.  This brings him naturally to lead Qigong warm-up to enhance awareness of self, as part of bushtekniq workshops and event-plantings. 

As a mother in the community Tali led classes in the local school garden for several years, extending this to the nearby creek for environmental studies, tree plantings and clean-ups. From the local creek and neighbourhood to community organisations, gardens and bushcare sites, Tali inputs conscious energy and original creativity to inspire connectedness.  She has worked for over twenty years with people with disabilities, mentoring young adults with intellectual impairments in all aspects of life - including garden time, and in the foundations of bush regeneration.

bushtekniq brings respect, joy and connectedness when restoring the health and balance of the bush. Inspired by the earth and its diverse life-forms, they deliberately choose to take their teachings from observation, action, conversation, indigenous frameworks and self-driven research. 

In this way Jono and Tali’s knowledge about bush regeneration is true-to-experience and locally relevant, as they relearn, regenerate and reconnect.  They share their learnings as facilitators in the community: at schools, workshops and festivals and with the residents who engage with the work of bushtekniq.

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