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reconnect with bushtekniq

re- prefix [Latin]: once more, afresh, with return to a previous state
con- [Latin]: jointly altogether
necto/ /nex [Latin]: bind
connect: be joined or joinable, associate mentally or practically, be timed to arrive with another, put into communication, be meaningful or relevant

reconnect [with bushtekniq]: all those definitions above and more.. when i think about what it means to be living, alive and with life, i think about how i am sustained by life, the flow of air, water, energy.. the earth that we are born from - & yes, the rock and the ‘star dust’ that has created all of it, all of us (makes us all rockstars ya know!) - and the dust to which we will all return.

reconnect is a ‘doing’ word, a verb, an action (like lego!)… reconnected is a ‘being’ word, a state of existence.. all of it is CONNECTEDNESS.


the sooner we can find this connectedness, the deeper we can find this connectedness (and it is infinite), the more we can understand that this land is life, life is land, we are connected whether we acknowledge it or not.  What one eats, drinks, breathes, is all of this biosphere.. and we are all home.

so the REconnect is becoming aware, is refreshing our connection, on a conscious level - kind of like becoming aware of breath: so simple, yet so profoundly important, life-giving and natural.

the word reconnect suggests a connection with history, of what was, and what can become once more.. the way i feel it, its this land, this place, speaking to us, telling us the stories and singing the songs of connectedness.. this might have been from 50 000 years before or more, or it might have been from 5 seconds ago.  sometimes we don’t hear it, or we have trouble getting the meaning.. sometimes its better to have the stories and learnings from the ones who know: the elders, from indigenous wisdom, clancestry, ancestry.  sometimes we don’t find that ancient wisdom, and can’t find it in our books, or our friends, or on google.. but we can still reconnect.  

its in the breeze, its in the trees, its in the bird call, or the insect buzz, its in the warmth of sun on our back. its in the moment that we take to look, to feel, to see, to taste, to hear.. to be.  its in the simple moment of acknowledging nature as a sustaining, life-giving force and flow of energy.  its in the quiet beauty of knowing that you are but one small (tiny) being on this planet, in this universe (you are just matter, & you still matter).  its in sharing a gaze with another creature, be it a lizard, a horse or another human being.

this is connectedness. this is reconnecting.  and when we do this more in our daily patterns of life, imbuing it into our busy living, creating, exchanging, working, family/ community/ solitary lifestyles it becomes easy to learn from, it becomes easy to cherish and nourish this land which nurtures us.

the ancient lore says land is our mother. she looks after us, giving us lessons, nourishing us.. when we are of an age, when we start to understand and when we are ready to, we start giving back - reciprocity - we can look after our mum.  at birth babies know.. the way they give you ancient gifts with their gaze.. young fullas know too.. the way kids observe and play in nature, its beautiful and pure. then all these other bits , some of them in disconnect, they distract us.  false lessons of history, somebody’s version from ill-intent or misguidedness… money, power, greed, ego get in the way… somebody else’s system… stories, politics, headspace..  all things that can cloud our ability to nurture ourselves, and that which nurtures us (cos remember, theres no separation between land and us): caring for country.

to reconnect with our local place, our backyard, the park down the road, the nearest tree.. thats a good start. find our local.  BE in our local. just be. observe.  get some knowledge, the stuff that feels right, feel the breeze. learn the patterns around you, the seasons, the relationships and interactions.  go out into the yard at night and feel the dark or the grey of the earliest dawn, revere the sunset and sunrise, and the rain and the dirt (squish the two in your toes to make mud!). learn a story or two, or maybe you already know a few, and then you can put it into context.  always keep breathing, keep learning, keep connecting.  

life is university, land is our campus. trees, creatures, other beings and the bush.. they are all our teachers. listen, take notes, share lil bits with others to keep it strong, know that you belong. find joy, find peace - these are gifts and they are free. free to have, to share, to give to others.  sing, murmur, tell your story to country, to the plants and animals around you. wonder at the stars, the moon, a rainbow.  take a shower in the rain, feel the power of a storm, a rushing river, the ocean and rock.  these are all your teachers. teaching you about who you are, where you have come from and where you are going.

the ancient ones, they say dreamtime is now.. it is one long, living, breathing, dreaming continuum.  i love that. cos that being spoken, felt and understood, means that we are all creating stories, all making sense of and giving meaning to this life, to this world around us.  our future, our children and theirs are listening to these stories that we tell with our actions, words and energy.  

the past, the present and the future are all one, each breath connecting the next to the next.


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