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Our journey with Bushtekniq started with an onsite assessment at our acreage property in May 2016. As we discussed our land management practices it soon became clear that our strategy was highly dependent on chemicals. I'm not saying we were addicted, but we were heavy users.

Jono and Tali introduced us to a new approach to land management - re-forestation, mulching, making productive use of garden waste and steam weeding to name a few. Planting native, compatible trees, and encouraging native undergrowth restored many areas of our property that we otherwise mowed, sprayed or simply ignored. Through their expert advice we also benefited from the Council's Land for Wildlife Program.

After 3 years with Bushtekniq our property has changed dramatically. Our established forest areas are more complete, new areas areas are growing quickly, the presence of native wildlife has increased and our whole property is chemical-free. (Over the last 3 years, we have probably saved thousands of dollars in Round Up alone!) Another benefit of Bushtekniq is their practical approach. This has resulted in additional uses we have made for our forests, including a beautiful nature path for walking the dog and effective screening from new buildings next door.

If you are looking to improve your property in a natural, sustainable way we would recommend Bushtekniq.
Date of Posting: 09 April 2019
Posted By: Rob and Jackie
Samford Valley
The bushtekniq crew are hands down (literally! - in the soil!), one of the most holistic re-veg crews around. Their enthusiasm and expertise is second to none. They aren't just putting trees in the ground, they are activating the wider community to relearn, regenerate and reconnect with country, community and culture. They have been an integral part of the Grounded Permaculture Action Party from the start and it is an honour and a privilege to do this important work with them.
Date of Posting: 09 June 2017
Posted By: Rupert Faust
Founder - Grounded Permaculture Action Party, 0438 305 357
It's been a pleasure working with Jono and Tali of Bushtekniq, although I've only known them for a short while. Their cheerful enthusiasm is inspiring, and their expertise has opened my eyes to the native plants they've identified for me. Their guidance has doubled my motivation for restoring the bush on my property, and their drive and energy is infectious. I look forward to a long association with them.
Date of Posting: 26 May 2017
Posted By: Don
BrisLETS, Camira
Warm hearted thanks to you both for the enjoyable bush planting morning at the farm yesterday. Certainly it is always confidence-building to be guided by you in an experienced as well as exploratory kind of way. It was definitely engaging for people & plants, connecting & growing a place together.
From farm-friend Wendy
Northey Street City Farm
Date of Posting: 24 May 2017
Posted By: Wendy
Northey Street City Farm
Thankyou Tali and Jono for your special dedication to our bush food garden at our child care centre in West End, Brisbane. You tender care of all our plants and your in depth knowledge of local plants was inspiring. I was impressed with your attention to detail and I learnt a lot from the love you have for our environment and creating a natural balance..... and all on a shoestring budget. The little seedlings are doing really well and are blossoming into robust plants. We have been watering them and watching them grow. We are looking forward to you coming back soon and teaching us more about how these plants are used as bush food. The children have been really inspired to plant more plants and are making their own vegetable garden and compost at the moment.
Date of Posting: 23 May 2017
Posted By: Rachel
Director at Rachel's Place Child Care Centre, 111 Vulture St West End 4101
Bushtekniq have done such an amazing job with my creekside garden.
Their bush wisdom and deep understanding and respect for the natural environment ensure that you can trust that everything they do is for the long term sustainability of not only your garden but the planet as well.
Date of Posting: 17 December 2016
Posted By: Nicole Mathieson
Everton Hills
This is a business motivated by passion for the local natural environment.
Tali & Jono are caring, knowledgeable and diligent.
You should see how hard they work!
Date of Posting: 17 December 2016
Posted By: Alison Bird
Arana Hills

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