relearn - regenerate - reconnect

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looking after:

soil ~ microbes ~ fungi ~plants ~ water ~ insects ~ frogs ~ birds ~ scaly creatures ~ furry critters ~ air ~ ourselves ~ eachother ~ our community ~ our home, the earth..

care 4 country, everywhere!  wherever we go, whatever we do, we make decisions to strengthen and heal this land.. pick up rubbish, tread lightly ~ listen to the land ~ learn from our elders..

this land is me - rock, water, animal, tree (kev carmody)

grow slowly, like a tree!  put our roots in deep and stretch our limbs to the sun ~ we do what we can and we do it well ~ observe and “be”, take it all in.. 

there are two kinds of time: working time and waiting time (joan bradley)… 

funky fungi is the key!  fungi is the oft forgotten friend ~ growing invisibly through dirt and leaf, spreading a latticework of communication lines for trees n flowers ~ moist weather pops its mushroom tops and we observe its powers. 

fungi: earth's natural internet (paul stamet)

care 4 ourselves! sweat some, stretch some ~ work hard, have fun ~ muscles not chemicals ~ great food, good rest, self-care, share..


why we don’t use hazardous herbicides:

bushtekniq acknowledges the timeless wisdom of nature: that each plant where & when it can, provides habitat for others whilst contributing to an endless nutrient cycle.  We see our role as bush regenerators to understand each plant & to effectively assist the rebalancing of natural systems with minimal disturbance.

we have these bodies, muscles, brains, guts - complete with billions of micro-flora and fungi.. we have children, family, future.. we don’t want to poison it!!

Nor do we want to put energy - aka hard-earned dollar bills - into the pocket of multi-national chem-concocting corporations!

bushtekniq cares for life - especially small, delicate and unseen bush critters (microbes, frogs, fireflies, butterflies) who may depend on our wise decisions for their survival. 

ehrfurcht vor dem leben: reverence for life (albert schweitzer)



SW900 Saturated Steam Weeder: Developed in Sydney Australia by Weedtechnics, our saturated steam weeder (SSW) is the newest tool in our kit, offering a practical, chemical-free solution for dealing with extended areas of weedy infestation.

Many of our most notorious bushland weeds don't stand a chance against an effective Saturated Steam program, including grasses, groundcovers, annuals, succulents and herbaceous weeds. Target species include Singapore Daisy, Guinea Grass, Commelina benghalensis, Dischoriste, Madeira, Callisia spp., Bryophilla spp., Cobblers Pegs, Billygoat Weed and more.

The combination of saturated steam and water at 118°C in the SSW delivers thermal shock to the weed. The rapid transfer of lethal heat destroys the plant cellular structure, thereby providing an effective method of weed control. Steam and hot water together will penetrate the meristematic cells of a plant (the parts where new growth occurs) to reduce the likelihood of the plant re-sprouting post-treatment.

The SSW is an awesome tool in our chem-free kit, often used in conjunction with other methods, and always with careful identification and marking of local species prior to treatment.

We look forward to tailoring a SSW program to meet your site and requirements: contact us >>

replace - replant: the most satisfying way to weed is to first collect some seed or runners from a nearby local plant.  The soil disturbance inevitably created by pulling weeds can be offset by instant assisted regeneration! 

bush islands: using permaculture principles of sheet-mulching, bushtekniq has made best friends with recycled cardboard bike-boxes and mulch! Watch as bushtekniq regenerates 'bush islands' in your back paddock, extends your forest areas or seriously suppresses weedy groundcovers such as singapore daisy.


bamboo guards: beautiful boo can protect your baby plants against all kinds of critters.. from white curl grubs to bush-turkeys.. always in development and ready to trial with your needs.

quirky corky plant coders: developed for a kindy where kids read symbols and colours but not yet words, these spinning coders can be used with a map/ legend or just played with for fun! Positioned near each plant they can tell you: bird/ butterfly/ bee habitat, cultural plant uses: edible/ medicinal or craft/ tool/ building, aswell as (with the map) common, botanical and local language names.